Website translation


Website translation

The Internet is the main source of information today. Within the global network, you can find information on almost all of the products and services produced worldwide.
The language barrier is the only obstacle standing between a buyer and seller. If you have a website and you are interested in attracting foreign customers, then you should think about translating your platform. In order to realize this goal, we can offer you two solutions: Localization of the site and SEO.

Open a foreign office on the Internet!

One of the most important and necessary tasks for organizations entering the international market for sales or labor is the localization of their website, which adapts the site to their target audience’s language, culture, and regional characteristics. It includes complex measures for the translation and adaptation of the content, interface, and menu items. These complex measures also include respecting the rules of SEO to ensure the site’s visibility on foreign search engines.

Site Translation Details

We can deliver a professional and high-quality translation and localization of your company’s website. In our agency, experienced professionals who understand the peculiarities and perceptions of a text on a screen perform these translations. As an additional feature, we can offer linguistic support services for your site (daily translations and news updates, press releases, articles). Websites that have been translated by our bureau are perceived easily and naturally, fully comply with the original version, and multiply the functionality of your web page. We will translate your website quickly and accurately, keeping in mind general web standards, the professional specifics of content, and the target audience’s expectations.

Translations To and From 50 Languages

As you know, English is the universal language of the Internet. Most of us have to translate websites to or from English. However, the proportion of Internet users who speak other languages is growing every year. Often, we perform translations of websites to German, Spanish, French, and Italian. In each case, translating a site’s pages involves adapting them to your target audience and their Internet habits. Our agency will be able to translate sites that cover a wide range of topics – from the highly technical to the more advertorial and artistic.

A Sample Web-site Translation from Netlingua

Translating a web-site’s pages into other languages will take your company to the next level and will allow you to attract foreign customers, partners and investors. In order to guarantee that your translation is performed correctly and concisely, you should only entrust it to professionals. We find specialists who are capable of translating websites on any niche topic.

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