Medical translation


Translations of Medical and Pharmaceutical Documentation

The translation of medical records is the most complex and demanding task for any translation company. In order to deliver quality work, we find specialists among practicing doctors who are fluent in foreign languages. Through our company, you can order a professional translation of medical documents from any major language in the world. Many of our professionals have medical degrees along with linguistic educations and have extensive practical experience. We translate the following types of documentations:

  • Instructions for medical equipment
  • Extracts from medical records
  • Discharge summaries and diagnoses
  • Medical articles, books, directories
  • Drug-testing protocols,
  • Web-sites
  • Dental texts
  • Pharmaceutical documentation
  • Prices for medical text translation

Affordable medical translations in Salford

The surcharge for complex or specialized medical translations is 30% of the regular price. You can receive an exact price after sending the documents for evaluation.

In recent years, the demand for translations that are related in one way or another to medical subjects has increased significantly. This is due to many factors – the development of medical technology and pharmacology, the development of medicine in general, an increase in the average life expectancy, an increase in the overall quality of life, and a sharp drop in people’s faith in free medicine; in this case, the patient chooses to seek treatment in either a private clinic or in a health center that is located in a territory or state where they do not reside.

Let us examine each of these factors in more detail. A highly developed medical field is necessary for the well-being of the state. It is important to note that research of the key problems is conducted across the world, creating a constant need to translate different types of literature on medical subjects – from popular-science publications to the scientific papers devoted to a specific disease. Our specialists can also translate texts from French, perform translations of personal documents, and also help with the legalization of foreign documents.

We have the highest demands when we select scientific translators. In addition to our linguists, we also have doctors who are already ready to help the linguists and explain any confusing points or terms. Call us! Our company is ready to offer you a translation service for any documents related to medicine and pharmacology.

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