We are prepared to implement translation and localization of websites, software, marketing and advertising materials tailored to the target region and culture (50 languages and dialects) for you. We will make sure that only the most experienced translators and linguists work on your project, to make sure that it is perfect.

What is localization?

Localization is a translation of interface elements, menu programming, databases, documentation, information, images, audio files, etc. from one language to another. The user of the localized program should feel as comfortable using it, as those whom use it in its original language. The same principles of written or oral translations still apply here. The program’s user shouldn’t notice that the program is translated; they should be able to perceive it as if it were written in their native language.

In addition, a localization needs to take into account the requirements and standards that the target country’s government enforces. It should also ensure that the program’s display elements, such as the manufacturing date, time, currency, phone numbers, etc. match that of the region. If, for example, the values in a source database are sorted alphabetically, then the translated values must also be sorted in the local language’s alphabetical order in the localized version.

The varying standards of different carriers must also be taken into account. In addition, the transfer of concepts into another language must take into account the cultural differences between native speakers of the source and target languages.

Translation and Localization Services:

Web-site Localization – a site’s translation, localization, and adaptation to the language, region and standards of the target group is one of the primary and most important tasks for an organization that is entering the international markets for labor and goods.

 Software Localization

The growth rate of software produced in various fields is extremely high. The stock of hardware is also rapidly improving. In today’s world, computing capacity allows a user to process unprecedented amounts of information, which has in turn increased demand for modern programs. Someone once said that if space exploration had developed as rapidly as information technology, humans would have already occupied the entire solar system.

Computer programs are available in different countries, supporting a large market for software localization. User interactions with any software take place with words – not code – thus requiring translations of interface elements and databases into various languages. People have been in need of translations since the Tower of Babel, and the need for software translation and localization is no exception.

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